Why Murfreesboro TN is a Great Place to Live, Work and Play

Murfreesboro is the ideal location to live, work, and play for people of all ages.

The designated geographic center of Tennessee is located about 30 minutes southeast of Nashville in Rutherford County. Here, you will discover a thriving town with a hint of Southern nostalgia, and the slogan 'creating a superior quality of life' precisely describes your experience.

There are plenty of things to do in Murfreesboro. The city has many parks and green spaces, like the Rutherford County Park and Swain Park. You can also visit the historic downtown, which is located in the heart of Murfreesboro. You will also find a few museums here like the Rutherford County Museum, which is one of the best museums in Tennessee. There are a lot of fun activities to do here like biking, hiking and swimming.

Murfreesboro is home to Middle Tennessee State University. MTSU boasts a variety of highly sought after degrees and athletic programsLearn more on Murfreesboro here

Why is Murfreesboro a Great Place to Play?

The city's economy relies on tourism for much of its revenue. There are many festivals held throughout the year, including Greek Fest every year during springtime. In addition to festivals, there are numerous concerts as well as sporting events held throughout the year. One thing that makes Murfreesboro stand out from other cities is its large number of restaurants and bars that offer food from all over the world and a wide variety of drinks too!

Merry Christmas!

The City Council has recently voted to rename Murfreesboro's Main Street after veteran war hero William "Billy" Lipscomb (1797-1865), who was born in Rutherford County in 1797 and was a member of Company "K" 2nd Regiment Tennessee Volunteers during the War Between the States (1861-1865). Lipscomb received his commission something for everyone in this community, whether you're gathering at the town square for annual events or enjoying the Richard Siegel Soccer Complex & community park, which includes 11 trailheads on 12 miles of paved paths.

Locals also enjoy Saturday strolls through the greenway. Murfreesboro is the best place to work, live, and play for people of all ages.

When you're ready to explore the historic downtown, head to the Murfreesboro Visitor Center for a self-guided walking tour of the town. The Visitor Center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and admission is free. The Murfreesboro Visitors Center is located at the corner of Main Street and Elm Street in downtown Murfreesboro, and is open every day except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

The City of Murfreesboro has a population of approximately 85,000 people living in the city limits, with an estimated population of over 100,000 people living in the city's surrounding area, including Franklin County. The city has a variety of ethnicities represented by its residents: some are from Ireland and England, others are from Italy and other parts of Europe, while others are African-American or Asian-American or Native American.

The average age of Murfreesboro residents is about 45 years, with about half of the city's residents being under the age of 22. The median household income in Murfreesboro is $45,853, and the average family income is $51,972.

Why Locals Love Murfreesboro, TN

Murfreesboro TN

Murfreesboro is home to four Fortune 500 companies: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.; Home Depot; Pinnacle Foods Group; and Hertz Rent A Car. In addition to corporate headquarters and manufacturing plants, many local businesses are also large employers in the city. City officials have recently made efforts to increase downtown revitalization efforts by redeveloping sections of downtown that were once abandoned or derelict neighborhoods.

Murfreesboro, TN Entertainment...

The city has a growing arts community with art galleries and museums throughout the downtown area along with a number of other cultural organizations including a local theater company called Murfreesboro Players that performs for audiences at venues throughout the city each year. A variety of festivals are held within the city including Murfreesboro's annual Harvest Festival which takes place on September 21-23 each year, as well as an annual bike festival known as "Bikefest" that takes place on September 27–29 every year. Another popular event held annually on October 14–15 is "Murphfest", where thousands of people gather for an outdoor concert featuring local musicians and musicians from all over North America. In addition to these events there are also many community organizations such as "Sonic Circus" which hosts a number of concerts in the downtown area each year.

Murfreesboro, TN - A Well Rounded City

The city is home to the Murfreesboro Medical Center which is a tertiary level hospital. The city's proximity to Nashville has led to growth in medical and dental professionals as well as numerous other health related fields. A number of medical schools including Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Medical University of Tennessee are located within the city limits, along with a number of hospitals including Norton General Hospital, Branson Memorial Hospital and Murfreesboro Regional Medical Center.

The city has an active arts community with several arts organizations that hold various events throughout the year including "Artists Alley" at the Murfreesboro Arts District which consist of more than 40 galleries and art studios located within a few blocks of downtown along with many other cultural organizations such as "Greenway", a local theater company that performs for audiences at venues throughout the city each year, "Murph Plays" which specializes in theater performances held every summer in outdoor amphitheaters throughout downtown, "Murfreeks Book Club", a book club that hosts monthly meetings where members can discuss books read over years, "Murfreesboro Players" which performs for audiences at venues throughout the city each year, "Sonic Circus", an organization that hosts concerts in downtown each year, and several other arts organizations such as "The Volunteer Firefighters Museum", an art gallery housed inside the main building of one of two volunteer fire departments located in Downtown Murfreesboro.

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